A lot of pre-planning goes into the lead up to a Roadshow, this being a first for me I wanted to make sure I was fully prepared for the two weeks of meetings and presentations lined up. Perth First stop was Perth. Making my way to the hotel, I was excited about meeting the rest...
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It has been a busy start to the year with the team getting out and about to some of the Lodges that we haven’t been to in recent months. This trip was particularly special and one to remember. We headed to the South of Malawi as we had a lot to get through and see,...
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kumbali lake retreat
Kumbali Lake Retreat Kumbali Lake Retreat is an eco-friendly lodge, nestled into the side of the Lifuwu Hill and overlooks the shores of Senga Bay on Lake Malawi. Although the location is not as scenic as some parts of the Lake it is a wonderful spot to relax and unwind, offering a private, rustic and...
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Behind the scenes interviewing Mulberry Mongoose Founder, Kate Wilson –> we discover a shop less ordinary, where jewellery conceptualizes culture, community, conservation, empowerment and African beauty through three creative collections: Snare Wire, The African Bush & Zambian Heritage. The intricacies of each piece are breathtaking, although it’s the inspiration behind the first which has caught...
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I don’t believe in love at first sight – but when I lifted my gaze from the boat to Kaya Mawa nestled in the bay… just, wow. A couple blinks to reaffirm it’s not a mirage, followed by that spanking moment… YES, this is love (albeit not your storybook definition focusing on prince charming, but...
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It’s no secret that Kaya Maya is one of the world’s most renowned romantic luxury lodges, creeping into the spotlight with ongoing praise, shining reviews and rankings by the likes of Conde Nast, Haut Grandeur, Tattler, Global Excellence Awards, World Travel Awards and so on. Yet, the cherry fizzing the champagne is one of their...
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Waking up to the gentle crashing of waves, birds chirping & bugs humming as the wind rustles through trees and fallen leaves. The smell of freshly brewed Mzuzu coffee lures you out of your quaint reed chalet to a private balcony overlooking an exquisite array of turquoise. You reach for a freshly baked heart-shaped cookie...
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