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Mulanje Mountain, known to the locals as ‘the island in the sky’, is the highest mountain in southern-central Africa, and Sapitwa, its highest peak, overlooks the clouds from 10,000 ft and boasts unparalleled views of southern Malawi, it is well worth a visit.

Spend a minimum of 3 nights and 4 days traversing up this unique and unspoiled mountain range with a fantastic team to guide you every step of the way ensuring you are safe, well-fed and watered, well-informed and most importantly – enjoying life! Embark on an adventure of a lifetime, and enjoy the experience of climbing through tunnels, around large boulders and under curving trees and witness the most soul-nourishing and awe-inspiring views across Southern Malawi as the sun sets on another unforgettable day.

Why we love hiking Mulanje!

As an avid lover of the outdoors Mulanje has been high on my list since I arrived in Malawi. The scenery here is just breathtaking. It was amazing to have 5 days of pure wilderness, hiking around the peaks of Mulanje and summiting Sapitwa for sunrise. The incredible guide and chef made sure we saw the best spots and ate a feast to fuel our climbs. There is something magical about this mountain and I cannot wait to get back!

Chloe McCormack, Marketing & PR – June 2020

Mulanje – as an avid hiker… ok, not really! Mulanje however, is gorgeous, a wild location with the mountain range pretty much to myself. It is almost like a walking safari in a private concession, stunning views, fantastic guides, incredible food, a bit of exercise to help lose the beer gut, and a cute girl by my side! I got all of the above, so I now I would class myself as a ‘hiker’.

Mike Varndell, Managing Founder – last hiked Mulanje in July 2019 (read his blog here)

I have two words for you when it comes to Mulanje Mountain – Prepare yourself!! She is magnificent and humbled me in more ways than one. Reaching the peak, I definitely had a feeling of great accomplishment and satisfaction because let’s face it I am nowhere near fit. The scramble up the to the Sapitwa peak was quite interesting and a test of my endurance, patience and strength, and dare I say it I passed and I have pictures to prove it.

Tapiwa, Sales & Reservations – May 2016

Fast Facts


Mulanje Mountain, Malawi


Basic mountain hut accommodation

Great for

Adventure junkies and nature lovers

Children welcome

Wouldn’t recommend for children under 14


All year (but avoid rainy season (Dec-Feb)

Ideal length of stay

3 nights (4-day hike)





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Pricing Category

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$$$$: USD1,001+/pppn

Key Features

Dream team of guides, chefs and porters

Hike up Mulanje in the good hands of our local guiding partners. The whole team know the mountain like the back of their hand, are super friendly and operate with great health and safety procedures. The chef, Button, manages to prepare the most delectable meals way up in the mountains to fuel your journey.

Hiking a mountain, I’m sure you’re imagining a queue of huffing and puffing fitness fanatics, bobbing up the trail with mountainous backpacks balanced precariously on their shoulders. Well, that isn’t the case here, the fantastic and knowledgeable guides have done this trail a million times, and so have the porters! These guys are real muscle men and carry your backpack for you like it’s a shopping bag, all the way up the mountain so you can focus on the task ahead, taking epic pictures and admiring the views of the astonishing landscape around you!

Digital detox

No signal up here! Yay for that, so put on your out of office auto-response and bask in the natural environment away from beeping phones, endless emails and the monotonous scroll of social media, with no signal, no Wi-Fi, or even electricity! But don’t let that put you off… Eat dinner by candlelight under the starry night, swim in the cool rock pools and waterfalls and spend some quality time with your loved ones, or make new friends, swapping stories around the campfire, away from modern distractions.

Freshest of fresh air

Away from the hustle and bustle of any city, Mulanje Mountain is unpolluted and unspoiled. Breathe in the cool fresh air as you criss-cross your way up to the island in the sky, spotting the mountain wildlife, such as Vervet monkeys, rock hyrax, leaf-nosed bats and klipspringers, along your way. When you reach your camp and have time to settle in, take a moment to appreciate the view as the sunlight slowly ebbs away and another day falls into darkness; look above you and revel in the mass of the starry sky, you will have never seen it so bright and the beauty will humble you. The scenery is enough to keep you entertained as you explore the mountain and the scenery will leave you awe-inspired to climb the next peak!

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