Majete Wildlife Reserve

Majete Wildlife Reserve, founded in 1955, is situated in the south of Malawi, just one-hour drive from Blantyre,. It is one of the biggest successes in wildlife protection and one of the only place in Malawi where the Big 5 can be seen all year around! Majete is also part of the biggest elephant translocation!

Wildlife of Majete Wildlife Reserve

Before African Parks involvement in the reserve, most of its wildlife had been poached to extinction. Within five years of taking responsibility for the reserve, over 2,000 animals had been reintroduced and the entire park has been fenced.

Majete now hosts more than 4000 animals, including the Big 5! Elephants, lion, leopard, black rhinos, buffalos, elands, nyalas, zebras and hippos can be seen in the reserve. In July 2019, African Parks, the Department of National Parks and Wildlife and the Endangered Wildlife Trust successfully translocated a founding population of 4 cheetah from South Africa into Majete Wildlife Reserve where they have been missing from the landscape for decades. This reintroduction marks another milestone in the fight for the preservation of Malawi’s wildlife.

Birdlife is also present in Majete with more than 300 species. These include several raptors, four vulture species, and a large population of bateleur eagles. From July to November, the park witnesses a plethora of migratory birds, including skimmers in the riverine areas, and the diminutive, yet beautiful rock pratincole.

Vegetation of Majete Wildlife Reserve

Majete offers a vast range of vegetation: moist, miombo woodlands and dry savannahs. It also displays fantastic landscapes.

What to do in Majete Wildlife Reserve

Game drive: Take to a 4WD vehicle and explore the park. This is your best chance of spotting the big 5. You can self-drive at this park.

Walking safari: If you prefer to pursue the big 5 on foot this is possible. A guide and scout will accompany you and teach you a great deal about the bush.

Boating safari: Offered at certain times of the year, take some time to admire the impressive water birds and the resident hippos and crocs. You can also hope to find some big game coming to the water’s edge for a drink of water or a swim.

Who is this park good for?

If you want to see the Big 5 or admire the work of African Parks you definitely can’t miss Majete Wildlife Reserve.

Park entry fees

Day and overnight park fees are:
Malawian nationals: US$4
Malawian residents: US$10
International visitors: US$20

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