Likoma Island

Situated in the north-eastern corner of Lake Malawi set in Mozambican waters lies the small unspoiled Likoma Island. The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and an abundance of cichlids – some of which are endemic of the Likoma area.

The island is only 17km², and has one town, Likoma Town, here you will find Central Africa’s third largest cathedral, St Peter’s.

Things to do

Bearing in mind the size of Likoma Island there isn’t an endless number of things to do, however, you will find some breathtaking experiences. Diving off the island is good and you will be able to swim with the brightly coloured cichlids. There are over 20 dive sites around Likoma Island for you to explore. Another water based activity, boat trips; you can take boat trips around the island, to the nearby Chizumulu Island or to neighbouring Mozambique.

If you want to explore the island and visit the various island villages, you can on foot, alternatively you can seek a thrill and hire a mountain bike or quad-bike. Whilst on your excursion be sure to visit the old Baobab on the New Market Place. Nowadays, the baobab is hollow and sometimes used as a storeroom.

Must do’s

  1. Visit the cathedral:
    St Peters Cathedral is the same size as Winchester Cathedral in England, which is one of the largest in Europe. Work began in 1903 and completed in 1911. This vast building has some interesting features including stained glass and carved soapstone choir stalls.
  2. Malipenga:
    Dancing competitions known locally as malipenga are frequently held at weekends and are extremely interesting to watch due to the traditional instruments that are used and the eccentric colonial costumes the men wear. If you are visiting over a weekend watching one of the dance competitions is a must.
  3. Climb the clock tower:
    Back to the cathedral! The clock tower provides a stunning view across Likoma. After a tour of the cathedral, you can head to the roof, climb across the bells and the clockwork and take in the beautiful scenery.

Who the destination is good for

If you want to escape to an island paradise steeped in culture then Likoma is for you. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and marvel at the colonial infrastructure. Likoma is ideal for couples and honeymooners.

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