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A few of our Favorite Lake Malawi Spots We are spoilt with amazing places to stay all over Lake Malawi. From south to north, there are awesome lodges where you can relax as much, or as little, as you want and have an all-round excellent experience. Blue Zebra Blue Zebra, a favorite for all the...
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Hiking Mulanje Massif: Mulanje Mountain, known to the locals as ‘the island in the sky’, is the highest mountain in southern-central Africa, and Sapitwa, its highest peak, overlooks the clouds from 10,000 ft. It is well worth a visit if you fancy hiking 46km, burning a quick 15,000 calories, having a 4-day digital detox, or...
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tea plantation at huntingdon house
The Charming Huntingdon House Arriving in Blantyre it’s hard to imagine what lies just 55 kilometres away; a haven, of luminous green rolling hills of tea bushes that look soft enough to sleep on, dotted with flat top Acacia’s that epitomise the African landscape. Driving through the winding roads of the Thyolo district up to...
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Updated July 2019 When you think holidays you think packing, booking a flight, accommodation and sun cream, what you may not consider is administration and health procedure. Visa, vaccinations, money, international insurance and medical precaution are also part of the trip but often forgotten. As we know all the procedures, we created a short guide...
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Malawi Seasons & Weather Typically Malawi can be divided into the following seasons: Wet season December – April Dry Season May – November So, what are the highlights of travelling during these seasons? The topography of Malawi is a little different from its neighbours, we have lots of mountains and a giant lake! Typically the...
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It has been a busy start to the year with the team getting out and about to some of the Lodges that we haven’t been to in recent months. This trip was particularly special and one to remember. We headed to the South of Malawi as we had a lot to get through and see,...
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