Liwonde National Park is 550km2 it is one of the most beautiful parks in the country and one of the far less travelled in Africa! The park is situated 160km North of Blantyre on the left bank of the Shire River, Southern Lake Malawi and was founded in 1973.

Wildlife of Liwonde National Park

Liwonde National Park offers one of the densest concentrations of wildlife in Africa! You will have the opportunity to spot a lot of elephant as the park hosts around 900! The elephant population has grown so much in the past years that it has become hard for them to survive, this is why some of them have been transported to Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve for what is being called “the biggest elephant translocation in Malawi”.

This isn’t the only translocation, in 2017 4 cheetahs were re-introduced this is now up to an incredible 18 and we heard a few are pregnant, again! As the only carnivores in the park (except a few hyenae) it was an all you can eat buffet for them until last year when African Parks brought back the lions! With Leopard coming in from Zimbabwe any day and another 23 black rhino due to join our already strong population this is fast becoming one of the hottest wildlife destinations in Africa. Psst, rumour has it Wild Dog are coming next year!

The park is inhabited by hundreds of crocs and hippos, antelope, zebra and buffalo. Liwonde National Park is also a birders paradise with more than 300 different species so there really is something for everyone!

Vegetation of Liwonde National Park

Liwonde National Park displays beautiful scenery all around the park and all year around. The river cuts through the entire park and on its bank palm trees are drawing shadows when the sun is setting.

Things to do in Liwonde National Park

Boat safaris: Liwonde National park is very renowned for its boat safari during which you will have the opportunity to get very close to hippos and crocs but also experience the amazing birdlife.
Game drives: Game drives are also offered by lodges located in Liwonde, this offers an opportunity to cover more ground and get closer to the land animals.

Who the park is good for

Liwonde is a must-do for those who want a top notch safari away from the crowds. There are just 3 lodges within the park which means you can get close to the wildlife without the company of several other safari vehicles.

Liwonde is a conservation success story and with each day it is getting better, watch as the animal populations thrive! Are you an avid twitcher? Some specialists say it offers the best bird watching in Southern Africa. 

Park entry fees

Non-resident foreigner: USD10/person/day. Resident foreigner: USD7/person/day
Malawi citizen: MWK450/person/day. All below age of 12 years: NIL
Vehicle entry fees: USD5/vehicle/day

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