Unpretentious Luxury: Kaya Mawa, Likoma Island

I don’t believe in love at first sight – but when I lifted my gaze from the boat to Kaya Mawa nestled in the bay… just, wow. A couple blinks to reaffirm it’s not a mirage, followed by that spanking moment… YES, this is love (albeit not your storybook definition focusing on prince charming, but certainly a fairy-tale destination).

All intention to combine a luxury holiday with catching up on that neglected to-do-list: thrown overboard (with an anchor). ‘Maybe tomorrow’, but all that matters now is today – and can this day be every single day from now on? Immediately scheming all possibilities to stay longer…


Kaya Mawa: ‘Maybe Tomorrow’

A multi-award winning yet completely unpretentious luxury lodge, discreetly situated in a secluded bay of the 20sq km granite Island: Likoma, the name rumoured to derive from the Nyanja phrase, Likoma Joko meaning ‘oh what a pleasant land’. True, but also a HUGE understatement! See for yourself in this video.

Their overall rankings in the 2018 Safari Awards firmly place Malawi on the map for international travellers and highlight a few reasons why you HAVE TO visit:

1st place Most Romantic Safari Property

An essential addition to your itinerary for all honeymooners.

1st place Best Safari Cuisine

Culinary Mastery! Find out more about the unique dining experience here.

2nd place Best Location


2nd place Best Design

Incredible architecture: unimposing, quaint cottages with a rustic feel. Tastefully chic.

2nd place Best Family Safari Experience

With a range of fun and active activities. Quad-bike the island, kayak, snorkel, play & explore!

3rd place Best Ecologically Responsible

Numerous sustainable development projects from reforestation efforts to gardening, water-piping, sanitation, environmental awareness education & inspiring community involvement: mutually beneficial and progressive.


3rd place Best Marine Safari Experience

A totally unique diving experience and a wonderful location to discover scuba!

Quick Tips: Leave the suit and tie behind, kick-off those high-heels and formal dresses: come as you are and enjoy paradise in comfort! Relax and unwind at the spa overlooking lake Malawi’s Crystal clear rock pools, wine and dine, venture out and explore. Connect with the community, browse & buy at Katunda Textiles and support local initiatives with the advice of Kaya Mawa’s incredible team.

Contact Malawian Style for more information on the best time to visit Kaya Mawa, adding at least 3 days to your itinerary as you travel Malawi’s finest lodges!

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