If a 7+ night trip isn’t what you are looking for we do offer shorter breaks around Malawi and to neighbouring South Luangwa, Zambia.

After huge demand from our local audience for trips to South Luangwa, we decided to create a website specialising in South Luangwa, we therefore launched The website features many lodges in the Luangwa valley, in and outside of the park, including bush-camps.

As well as showcasing the best of South Luangwa, we also feature shorter trips than you will find here, on our Malawian Style site. South Luangwa Safaris provides you with example 2-5+ night tours of Malawi as well as South Luangwa.

You can find some fantastic itineraries or pick and choose the lodge(s) you like, to tailor make your own short break.

Please visit South Luangwa Safaris to find your next short break.