Updated July 2019 When you think holidays you think packing, booking a flight, accommodation and sun cream, what you may not consider is administration and health procedure. Visa, vaccinations, money, international insurance and medical precaution are also part of the trip but often forgotten. As we know all the procedures, we created a short guide...
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Planning a trip to the Warm Heart of Africa? But not sure when to visit? Malawi truly is an all-year destination, however, for some, November may be too hot and February too wet! The climate isn’t the only factor that influences when to visit a country; there are events and costs which can weigh in...
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At Malawian Style, we are proud to share the culture of Malawi and Zambia and we are always looking for ways to support local enterprises while giving our guests a taste of the local culture. It is in our roots to shine a light on local projects and this ethic is one of the reasons...
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Your safari is booked and you are weeks away from the adventure of a lifetime, but… you’re unsure what to pack? Have no fear, we have created a handy infographic for you to peruse. You can print this or pin it and keep it with you. If you do not possess this kit you will...
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Malawi, Malawi? What is it? Where is it? If you’re planning your next holiday in the Warm Heart of Africa you will (almost) certainly face these questions. And if you landed on our website by pure chance… stay! We’re going to tell you more about this little country of South-eastern Africa that remains quite unknown and...
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10 fascinating facts about Malawi! Malawi is a beautiful country that offers so much to visitors. This landlocked country provides an ever-changing and diverse landscape. With that comes an array of activities to do, sights to see and… interesting facts! #10. The “Calendar lake” You may know Lake Malawi is the third largest lake in...
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Malawi might not be on the top of the list when thinking of romantic holidays or honeymoons but it could surprise you! The Warm Heart of Africa is full of unknown places and not only are they stunning but also… uncrowded. Privacy, peace and amazing landscapes is the perfect recipe for a romantic escape, don’t...
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