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Culinary mastery: Kaya Mawa, Africa’s best cuisine!

Beach dining kaya mawa

Photo credit: Kaya Mawa

It’s no secret that Kaya Maya is one of the world’s most renowned romantic luxury lodges, creeping into the spotlight with ongoing praise, shining reviews and rankings by the likes of Conde Nast, Haut Grandeur, Tattler, Global Excellence Awards, World Travel Awards and so on.

Yet, the cherry fizzing the champagne is one of their most recent achievements:

BEST SAFARI CUISINE in AFRICA – Safari Awards 2018

The man behind the magic, Rich Greenhall, is no less than a culinary genius, responsible for whipping up the best meal of my life.. and yes, I’d personally awarded this bold title before I found out about any formal recognition of Kaya Mawa’s cuisine. In fact, the morning after my foodie affair, I was standing in the office, glaring at the framed award sheet, annoyed by the ‘2nd place’ given for the same award in 2016. Following the announcement a day later, all staff were beaming with smiles wider than the call of duty in the hospitality industry, truly proud and rightly so!

Although every meal was a delight, our dinner was a sensory explosion. A starlit Swahili set-up on the lakeshore created the perfect ambience for a unique dining experience, (aided of course by the giant glass of red wine the size of my face).

Lunch at Kaya Mawa

Photo Credit: Kaya Mawa

To follow: a unique combination of textures, tastes and flavour bursts with every mouthful:

Courgette & Haloumi Fritters with Labneh & Sambal

Stuff Date, Apple & Almond Pork Fillet
Carrot & Wasabi Mash
Roast Thyme Potatoes
Orange & Ginger Jus

Black Fig, Carrot & Walnut Bread
Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Soil

This was made even more exciting by the poor lighting, making each bite a surprise. If any bugs were caught in the crossfire, they likely added a crunch but went unnoticed.

Unfortunately, no photos captured the above, but the coconut chicken salad below is a perfect example of the delicate balance brought to the plate with exceptional insight and unique pairing. Colourful, lite but hearty and simply to die for. So good that you’ll even find yourself forgetting those table manners and licking the bowl…

Chicken salad kaya mawa

Mouthwatering coconut chicken salad

Of course, there’s more to Kaya Mawa than meets the mouth.. check out the exquisite scenery and find out about the top reasons to visit:

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