Things to do in Cape Maclear

What to do in Cape Maclear? There is an abundance of activities to suit everyone. You can spend your day’s scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling, sailing, hiking, windsurfing, sunbathing, paddleboarding or exploring the local village where you can partake in a tour or shop in the local craft markets.

Cape Maclear, located on the southern shore of Lake Malawi, is the busiest resort on Lake Malawi. Known locally as Chembe village, Cape Maclear is a paradise attracting all holidaymakers; families, newlyweds, backpackers and groups. The golden sand of the beach teamed with the relaxed atmosphere makes it the perfect getaway.

There is no shortage of accommodation options in Cape Maclear. No matter your budget you’ll find something perfect for you; from camping to private Island escapes – 10km off Cape Maclear is Mumbo Island, an exclusive, eco-friendly resort.

Some of the most popular acitivities you can enjoy at Cape Maclear!

  • Sail
  • Snorkel
  • Shop
  • Sunbathe
  • Scuba Dive
  • Kayak
  • Paddle board
  • Volleyball
  • Hike
  • Boat trip (feed the fish eagles)
  • Village tour
  • Explore!

You will not run out of things to do in Cape Maclear, of course there is the lake which provides a range of activities. Given there are many lodges on the lake, each offering a different variety of water sports, but a stroll along the beach will result in you finding the following activities; water-skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, snorkelling, plus a variety of floating devices allowing you to relax in the water. Not to mention the scuba diving; some say Lake Malawi offers the best freshwater diving in the world. Other activities such as island tours, sunset cruises and longer excursions can also be arranged.

Cape Maclear is home to Lake Malawi National Park – the first freshwater national park in the world. Although the Lake covers one-third of the country, the National Park is only 94km² including a land area around the cape, Domwe and Thumbi islands and, of course, the lake up to 100 meters off shore. There are hiking trails around the national park, you can go with a local guide or venture by yourself. The hikes aren’t particularly challenging but be sure to take plenty of water. If you are wanting to see more of the village and gain better insight into local culture, village walks can also be arranged.

volleyball in cape maclear

Must do activities in Cape Maclear

  1. Sundowner:
    Cape Maclear provides a magnificent setting for a sunset, making it one of Malawi’s best sunset spots. It is one of the only lakeshore resorts to get the sunset and what a sunset it is. So grab your tipple of choice, sit back, and watch the sun go down on what is sure to be another glorious day.
  2. Snorkelling:
    There is no need to scuba dive to experience the lake’s underwater world. Grab a snorkel and kayak to Thumbi Island. Snorkel by the rocks, you are guaranteed to see Malawi’s famous fish; cichlids – indigenous to the lake. With over 1000 species found in the lake you will see an array of brightly coloured fish just through snorkelling.
  3. Compete in Cape Maclear’s annual triathlon:
    Founded in 2015, the triathlon invites participants from all over the world to swim, bike and run in an effort to raise money for a local Malawian foundation. The event is open to participants of all abilities. If you don’t fancy doing it solo you can enter as a group. It is the event of the Cape Maclear calendar and one not to miss.
kayak and paddle on lake malawi

Who the destination is good for

Cape Maclear really is for everyone, even if you don’t like water Cape Maclear has something for you! With an array of bars, restaurants, lakeside activities and a huge stretch of beach for sunbathing, you will find something you enjoy doing in Cape Maclear – even if it’s nothing.

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