Malawi hosts many national parks but also 4, less known wildlife reserves. These reserves show the natural beauty of Malawi. And are a perfect way to experience Malawian wilderness. Discover these 4 hidden gems that Malawi keeps secret and leap into the African bush! Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve The Vwasa Marsh wildlife Reserve is a 1000 km2 area...
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As we wound through the streets of Zomba town centre, we were all on the lookout for these much talked about colonial buildings. The market was in full flow, fruit sellers, vegetable buyers, roaming chickens and scavenging goats. Alas amongst the hustle and bustle, no such colonial buildings. After a bit of drive time passing...
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Malawi is the warm heart of Africa and one of the most beautiful and compact countries in Africa. Malawian National Parks are a great example of this density and beauty. Though Malawi is a small country – only 118 844 square kilometres, including 1 / 5th covered by Lake Malawi – it encloses 5 national...
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And it is called Kumbali Retreat Lodge! Fortunately and unfortunately we were lucky enough to spend some time in this wonderful peaceful place which rightly calls itself a “retreat”. The unfortunate part was that we only had 24 hours… Located by Lake Malawi, hidden behind a sunrise viewing point and next to an iconic Baobab...
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On the road to Kuti we were surprised by the tall grass on both sides of the bumpy road. We really were heading into the wild! We crossed a green gate, and said hi to Kuti Reserve. Let the adventure begin. Eyes wide open and ‘nose to the ground’ we were ready to catch sight...
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