Wildlife Reserves of Malawi

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Malawi hosts many national parks but also 4, less known wildlife reserves. These reserves show the natural beauty of Malawi.
And are a perfect way to experience Malawian wilderness. Discover these 4 hidden gems that Malawi keeps secret and
leap into the African bush!

Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve

The Vwasa Marsh wildlife Reserve is a 1000 km2 area west of Nyika Plateau, and joins the Zambian Luangwa
eco-system. It offers a mix of vegetation such as forest, grassland, woodland and marsh. This rich habitat
attracts a huge range of birds : 300 different species have been seen! Vwaza Marsh is also famous for its
large herds of elephants and its hippos that you can see near the main entrance.
Buffalos and smaller mammals can also be seen within the reserve.

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Why choose Vwasa Marsh? For its birdlife, abundance of elephant, and because it is still very unknown.

Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve

The Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve is the oldest reserve in Malawi and one of the most important
birds areas of the country. More than wildlife, Nkhotakota is an opportunity to observe true Malawi wilderness.
Three rivers cross Nkhotakota: Dwangwa, Bua and Kaombe and animals such as elephants, warthog
and waterbuck can be spotted. Nkhotakota is a true paradise for those who seek  nature and landscapes,
as well as a bush experience. Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve might become a sanctuary for elephants in Malawi
and the rest of Africa with perhaps as many as 2000 in the longer term!

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Why choose Nkhotakota? If you are keen on enjoying the wilderness and wanting to escape the crowd.

Majete Wildlife Reserve

The Majete Wildlife Reserve was created in 1955 and is one of the greatest successes in wildlife protection.
Before African Park’s involvement almost all of Majete’s wildlife had been poached to extinction,
now Majete hosts more than 4000 animals, including the Big 5! Elephants, black rhino, buffalo, eland, nyala,
zebra, and hippo can be seen in the reserve. Majete offers a vast range of vegetation:
moist miombo, woodlands and dry savannah
and fantastic landscapes.

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Why choose Majete? Because Majete is the only place to see the Big5 in Malawi.

Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve

The Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve is the smallest Reserve of Malawi at only 135km2. Despite its small size,
it boasts an unequalled variety of habitats from woodland to open savannahs and rivers.
It offers spectacular landscapes over the Shire and the Zambezi River. Mwabvi was the last natural home
of black rhinos in Malawi but they have been poached. You can still see antelopes, buffalos and
a huge range of birds within the reserve!

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Why choose Mwabvi? To have the opportunity to experience an incredible variety of landscapes in a small are. 

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