Your safari is booked and you are weeks away from the adventure of a lifetime, but… you’re unsure what to pack? Have no fear, we have created a handy infographic for you to peruse.

You can print this or pin it and keep it with you.

If you do not possess this kit you will still be able to partake in a safari and enjoy the experience but donning this gear will ensure your safari is not hindered by anything such as the beating sun, Tsetse flies (they are attracted to blue and black), other bugs and dehydration.



What’s in the bag!

  • Hat: keeps you cool and protects your head & face from the sun.
  • Binoculars: get a closer look at the wildlife and see the amazing birdlife in superior detail.
  • Long sleeved clothing: it’s great to have the option of covering your skin for two reasons: A. Protection from the sun. B. To stop the bugs from biting! Not to mention, it can get cold during a night drive – so bear that in mind.
  • Camera: you need something to record all these wonderful memories on, right! Yes, we all have smartphones these days but a decent camera with good zoom is much better for capturing wildlife than any smartphone.
  • Khaki clothing: there are certain colours you shouldn’t wear on safari such as blue and black because of Tsetse flies and bright coloured clothing may draw attention to you rather than the wildlife you intend to see it may also scare away the wildlife. So, go neutral with khaki.
  • Closed shoes: wearing closed shoes will prevent any bugs from biting your feet – which can be very irritating. Also, when stopping for a sundowner it’s best to keep your feet protected as you never know what critter may be watching you!
  • Bug spray: keeps the bugs away! It isn’t going to keep every bug at bay but it will reduce the number of bugs buzzing around you.
  • Sun cream: whack on factor 50 – the sun can be very strong out in the bush so, keep your skin covered. Even if you are wearing long clothing it is best to paste the sun cream on those bare spots.
  • Sunglasses: there can be a lot of glare from the water on the plain as well as off the safari vehicle so protect your eyes and look safari-cool!
  • Water bottle: although there will be a drink break halfway through your safari it’s best to take a bottle of water with you and stay hydrated throughout the game drive.
  • Backpack: you need somewhere to store all your gear! Furthermore, you can pack anything else you may need in here too; rain coat, battery packs, memory cards, additional camera lenses and anything else you can think of.

Speaking of which, are we forgetting anything? What piece of kit is a must for you when going on safari? Comment below.

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